Ep. 7: Madison Wright, MS, RDN, CPT

Madison Wright is a registered dietitian, personal trainer, and newly-married wife of Mike Wright, a pitcher for the Baltimore Orioles. In this episode, we learn how to make healthier choices at the ballpark, the truth about fad diets, and how to exercise on the road. 

Ep. 6: Brijet Whitney

Today we are going to switch things up a bit and talk to an NHL wife. Brijet and Ray have been in professional hockey for 23 years. Brijet is the founder of Our Hockey Life, a website that helps pro hockey players and WAGS navigate through moves and trades. Listen to find out more about how similar hockey and baseball are and how you can connect with other pro sports wives this spring in Arizona.

Ep. 3: Brittany Ross

Kentucky native, Brittany is dedicated to healing and inspiring others through teaching Yoga. In addition to teaching, Brittany travels the world running Mission 108 and supporting her husband’s professional Baseball career.  In this episode, Brittany tells us about her world travels, her passion for fighting human trafficking, and why you should never do a yoga pose in front of the Taj Mahal.

Ep. 2: Holly Meyer Lucas

Holly Meyer Lucas is THE real estate guru for professional baseball families. In this episode, Holly explains the ins and outs of renting for spring training and the season. Learn what red flags to look for and why you should always work with a realtor who knows the specifics of our baseball life.

Ep 1: Introducing Our Baseball Life

It's our premier episode! Lory and I have been talking about doing this podcast for a long time, so in this episode we dive right in, talking about our hopes for the show and how much we love our baseball community. We also introduce ourselves and share a little bit about our own baseball stories.