What are WAGS?


WAGS is an acronym that stands for Wives and Girlfriends of professional athletes. And although this term has a way of connecting us, it does not define us. 

Many people have ideas of what WAGS must be like, but we are more than what you see on TV or in the stands. We are students, entrepreneurs, musicians, moms, teachers, lawyers. We are strong women who stand by each other as we cheer on the men we love.

This website is a place to collectively use our voices, share our stories, and lift each other up. A place to break through the stereotypes and share life in our own words. 

We are the WAGS of professional baseball.

These are our stories. 

Our Founder


My name is Alysa Bajenaru and I have been in professional baseball since the summer of 2000 when my brand new boyfriend signed with the Chicago White Sox. That boyfriend became my husband, and 19 years later we are still in the game. We have two well-traveled kids and have experienced every level of baseball on the playing and now coaching end of the game. Through it all, the thing we love most about life in baseball is the people. In this unstable rollercoaster life, friends quickly become family because who else really understands? 

As someone who has spent her entire adult life in this game, my mission is to connect, inspire, and empower families in baseball by providing a platform to share stories, advice, and encouragement. And let’s be honest, it is also nice to give people a glimpse into the real life of pro baseball WAGS to prove that it’s not as glamorous, or as dramatic, as what you might see on TV. 




My name is Paige Murphy.  I have been in professional baseball since 2004 when I started dating my husband of 11 years.  We have two amazing kids who have become my most favorite little travel companions.  As a family we have lived in countless Minor and Major League cities; navigating the ups, downs, ins and outs of this thing we lovingly call "baseball life".  Some of our closest friends were made throughout our many years of baseball and we have loved every second of this unique experience.  

I jumped at the chance to join Alysa on this WAGS in Real Life journey because I saw an opportunity to be able to give back to a community who shaped, supported and held me up through all of my adult years.  I hope to be able to help bring positive light to this strong group of women who taught me so much about love, respect, and how to be a real friend in this game.  


Our Podcast Producer


My name is Sara Krutewicz and I am from St. Louis, MO. I am in my 5th season of baseball alongside my fiancé, Robert Stock, who is in his 10th professional season. He is a minor league journeyman who has been through many ups and downs, and I absolutely love supporting him and watching him fight for his dreams.

I feel very lucky to be a part of WAGS in Real Life and to work with such strong, intelligent, and compassionate women. This community has helped me feel less alone as my partner and I have jumped around from team to team (6 different organizations in just the last 4 years!). I think it is so important to be a part of something bigger than just myself, and this community helps me feel grounded, loved, and welcome wherever this crazy baseball life takes us.


Our Photographer


Hi! My name is Ashley and I founded Ashbstarr Photography in 2009. At the time I was also a WAG who needed a job I could do anywhere!!! I am so thankful to have remained good friends with Alysa and Paige, both of whom we played with during our baseball days. I am a huge supporter of WAGS in Real Life. I love the culture Alysa has created and I am so excited to be on this team!