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Principal Park

One Line Drive
Des Moines IA 50309

Team Hotel







AP LOFTS and E300

Both run by same lady! She doesn’t run credit and will handle everything . LITERALLY everything . Like hanging curtains before you arrive! 3 month lease then month to month after. It has a rooftop deck. AP lofts is across the street from field but E300 is in the East village.—Melissa Nassauer

Confluence on 3rd

Des Moines IA

Beautiful apartment by field and has a pool. It’s ON the train tracks so understand it will be annoying and loud . Front desk lady will tell you it only comes twice a day but she’s lying, it’s more like 5 or 6. And they have to do 1 long horn and 2 short horns for every intersection and it crosses 3 intersections. She will tell you it won’t go past 10. Again, lying it comes sometimes at 1:30 -2 am. Just be aware.—Melissa Nassauer

Jackson Crossing

Des Moines, IA

Has carpet in bedrooms and is super nice. (No pool) but has a dog park. This is where players with kids usually go! It’s the last nice apartment building before you get to a sketchy area so just be aware of that.—Melissa Nassauer

Park Place

Des Moines, IA

Kind of sketchy and over priced and not near field but it’s fully furnished and goes monthly.—Melissa Nassauer


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Things To Do


Jordan Creek Town Center

West Des Moines, IA

Nice mall with decent stores and an indoor kids play area!