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Whole 30 Must Haves

In the end, it’s not about losing weight, it is more about learning what to eat to feel your best and fuel your body. You will experience tough and testing moments as your body adjusts to a new and better way of eating. Don’t think of those moments as challenges, think of them as your reward toward a healthier, happier life. 

Back to Balance

I often find the focus of most baseball-related posts is on how much support the WAGS give their man, but I’d like to highlight the support I receive from my man during and after season. As many other WAGS have said before, this baseball life isn’t an easy one. You are in a committed relationship with not only your man, but baseball as well.  

Sweet Potato Brownies

I love trying new recipes with my kids for a couple reasons.  They learn how healthy foods can nourish our bodies and also taste delicious, and honestly it makes us all giggle when they whip something up! After you watch the video, make a batch of these incredible brownies and put them in the freezer for a sweet treat!

5 Stretches for Bleacher Butt

We’ve all been there. Tied at the bottom of the 9th going into extra innings, and in your head you’re thinking, “Ain’t nobody got time for that,” as you head into the top of the 10th. Secretly you’re wishing the game would end, because who wants to sit in those uncomfortable plastic chairs (or sometimes metal bleachers) for one more inning? Here are some great stretches to do after you’ve been sitting for a long period of time (can someone say road trips?).

What the Health?

Have you all seen What the Health?! Did it make you want to sit in a dark corner and stuff your face with beans, almond milk and kale for the rest of your life? Well, you’re far from alone. In fact, Mark’s entire team has been vegan obsessesed since watching the documentary, except for Mark. I’m going to give you all some tips and tricks that I shared with him that I want you to share with your HABS (Husbands and Boyfriends) so we can all keep chugging along without fear of food.