It's OK to not be OK

Sometimes, as significant others, I think we tend to jump head first into the role as "number 1 fan" and forget that we are also the girlfriend, fiancée or wife first which gives us the right to NOT 👏🏻 BE 👏🏻 OKAY when some major inconvenience happens (as it always does).

Father's Day 2019 Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when you wrack your brain, post on all the Facebook WAG groups and search endlessly for what to get your man for Father’s Day. The guy who has everything, the guy who never tells you what he wants, or just goes and buys it without you having a chance to surprise him. We get it, so we pulled together a list of some great gift ideas for your baby daddy this year!

Fashion Friday - Event Style

The season is in full swing and that means not only are you probably attending or watching a game on the daily, you may be gearing up for a few charity events, team dinners, or black tie galas.  I pulled a few go-to pieces and a couple of fun ideas that I think are great options for these dressier events that might be on your calendar during the busy baseball season. 

You Belong

If you’ve been in baseball for a few minutes, you’ve probably experienced a time where you wondered if you belong. I’m here to tell you, you do. You belong here.

Fashion Friday - Amazon Prime

Raise your hand if you spend all your money with Amazon Prime!  Welcome to the club. I too, am an Amazon Prime addict!! It’s just too easy!! Just recently I’ve been ordering clothes and I’ve found some amazing deals!! Here are some of my favorites.

Baseball Life, Gluten Free

Eight years ago, my husband was coaching in the Arizona League (rookie ball). We lived in Arizona full time, and our kids loved running around at Dad’s games on the grass of the backfields at Salt River. Life was good…except I was sick…and we didn’t know why.

Meet Lexy Warner

We were ecstatic and I was already setting up job interviews and finding a place to live. Two days later, we got the news that he’d actually be staying in extended spring training. We had to make the hard decision for me to move back home to KC for the time being. If there is anything that I’ve learned in almost a year of pro baseball it’s to try your best to not have expectations.

What I've Learned So Far

Every day you don’t know what tomorrow will bring. REALLY. Everyone in your life will ask and you can’t even explain it to them. Baseball is good in that way. It is the absolute greatest lesson of “taking life one day at a time” and “if you woke up today you should feel grateful to be alive.” I don’t know if there’s any other profession that will throw you for a loop on this consistent of a level.

How We Make Long Distance Work

If you are reading this, we assume you have experienced or are currently experiencing ‘long distance’. Girl - we feel you, you are not alone. Long Distance is HARD - but it is also so rewarding knowing that we are with someone who is worth the distance. Distance has taught us so much about ourselves & what we need in our relationship. It has made us stronger as couples & as individuals. So here we go...

5 Tips for Fitness on the Road

Do you feel like you never have time to work out when you travel? Everything feels out of whack and what the heck do you do when there’s only a treadmill in that tiny fitness center? I’m usually in a hotel every weekend from Dec-May because of my job, BUT I have learned a few tricks.

Fashion Friday - Spring Favorites

Welcome to our inaugural Fashion Friday post! We’ve been having so much fun getting our Pinterest style boards going that we wanted to start collecting our favorite items of the week for you right here on the blog. Each week will feature a different contributor and every item will have a major league splurge and a minor league steal. Style for every budget, no matter what team you’re on.

Meet The Ash

Let’s be honest, if there was a baseball uniform for wives and girlfriends, it would be a stylish set of workout clothes. That’s why we are so excited to introduce you to The Ash, an online boutique started by baseball wife Amy Wimmers.

Capsul Jewelry Giveaway!

Jewelry has a way of connecting you to a person or a place in a way nothing else can. For instance, my wedding ring gives me heart eyes for the way my husband carefully chose the perfect setting. My diamond earrings make me giggle at the way I literally dug them out of the dirt during a Diamond Dig promotion (minor league life lol). And my signature necklace from Capsul Jewelry helps me feel close to my husband when he’s on a baseball field far away.

Better Together

Introducing Our Baseball Life, a collaborative partnership between Lory Ankiel, Alysa Bajenaru, and Paige Murphy. We’ve taken all of our strengths, resources and talents and pooled them together to better serve this community together.