To The New Girls

To The New Girls

It’s draft week and that means it’s time to welcome the newest WAGS into the family. We are so glad you’re here, and we can’t wait to meet you! Here are some welcomes and words of advice from your sisters in this crazy beautiful baseball life.


Welcome to this CRAZY, AMAZING life! Live each moment together to the fullest because it is a ton of ups, downs and corkscrews 😂 As much as you want to prepare, you will NEVER be prepared for what’s to come on this journey. Embrace it and buckle up because these next few years are going to be some of the best years of your entire life. Welcome to the sisterhood ♥️🤗 it’s going to FLY by!

- Theresa Simunovic


This life is crazy to start, but it gets easier. Ask questions. Learn from others' mistakes and successes along the way. At times, you may feel like you’re alone, but you've got the other WAGs in your corner. We stand by each other through the really high highs, and also through those lows. 💙

- Amanda Debus


If you’re a “planner” throw that all out the window. Baseball life will almost always have twists and turns that you’re not quite ready for. Just take it all in and enjoy being a part of this very special family.

- Sarah Williams


Always be thankful. Distance can be tough, the hours can be weird, the mid-season moves flip you upside down. Through it all, be thankful. Thankful for a man who continues to grow with you, even if it's hundreds of miles away (your relationship will become so strong). Thankful to be loved and in love with the most hardworking person you'll ever know. Thankful for late night laughs and road trips. Thankful for the fans in the stands cheering on your love as he lives his dream.

- Skylar Witte


Welcome! Also, enjoy every minute of the positive - forget the negative - and if it won't matter in 5 years, it doesn't really matter.

- Kate Pascucci


We have all been where you are now, so never be afraid to reach out to “seasoned” wives! This journey will stretch you in ways you never imagined, but they will be some of the best years of your life! Travel and see everything you can. Enjoy this ride with your significant other, and make friends because you will need them ❤️ (And always be helpful to the mom with kids 😜😂)

- Kaycee Sogard


CONGRATS to you & your guy!!! 💙 and welcome to the crazy journey that is baseball!! Last year I was in your shoes and completely overwhelmed with the unknown!! Don’t be afraid/intimidated to reach out to other WAGs for advice, recommendations, tips, and wise words! 💕 The welcoming, supportive community of these strong ladies are the greatest support system out there! 💗

- Emily McDonald



- Natasha Ladendorf


Congrats on your exciting new adventure!! It can be scary at times due to the unknown, but it is always so much fun! Don’t be afraid to reach out and join this new community! I would not survive sitting through endless amounts of baseball games without all of the girls I have met over the last few years! Also, don’t be afraid to ask questions, because someone else has probably been through it before and knows exactly what to say! 😊

- Morgan Bristo


Welcome to this awesome, yet crazy life!! Learn to go with the flow, it makes it a lot easier. Pray a lot and learn, there will be lots of lows but so many amazing highs as well! Reach out to any and all WAGS...especially at games! Don’t be shy, I promise they will become some of your best friends and will understand this life better then anyone! Enjoy the’s completely exhausting, yet completely worth it to watch your man chase his dreams ❤️

- Whitney Lucas


Pack light!
You’ll have no clue what day of the week it is but you will start talking in terms of home stands and road trips.
If you see another girl sitting by herself in your section, go say hi - she’s probably a WAG and definitely doesn’t want to watch a baseball game by herself either.
Try not to tie your emotions to your guy's stats (even better ignore them all together).
There are so many great things about this life, but that can sometimes be hard to remember on a long road trip so find a fellow WAG and get through it together.
If you make dinner plans on a day game, just go ahead and cancel them - there will be a rain delay.

Rachel Bote



Welcome and relax and enjoy the ride! These will be the best times of your life and the women you will meet will help you get through the ups and the downs! Also-get a good suitcase haha. It will get lots of use! 💕

- Molly Marte


Enjoy the ride!

- Ashley Barden


Try not to get caught up in wishing and hoping for things to come in the future or making it to the next level! Be in the moment and be present wherever you are sent - there’s a reason you’re there!

- Catherine Archer


Learn to become comfortable in the uncomfortable. 
Embrace the awkward host fams.
Load a bag in your purse with essentials...including butt wipes (who knows when a stadium restroom will be out of TP!!), hand/face wipes, rain poncho, eye drops, safety pin, bug spray, hair ties, feminine products, cough medicine, cough drops, Claritin, emergency chapstick, toothpicks, deod wipes...always be ready to help WAG in need!!
Be nice to the ticket lady. 
Be nice to the ushers.
The kind of person you are matters a lot more than how/what your guy does on the field. Community>Competition!!!

- Madeline Poteet


RUN!!! Lol just kidding! Be kind to one another, you never know when you will need that person.
Buy used furniture or just buy a camper!
Saddle up and hang on it could get rough.

- Maddie Baynes


Welcome to the craziest ride of your life! If nothing else I hope you embrace and enjoy the minor leagues with your man, there are no guarantees in this game. Talk to other girls! They're in the same position as you, and you will find some INCREDIBLE women! Make decisions that work for YOUR relationship. While advice is helpful, nobody knows your relationship like you and your guy. Do what works for you! Buckle up because it's full of ups and downs, and it starts NOW! ❤️

- Riley Kramer


Don’t forget to also chase your own dreams while your man is chasing his!

- Amber Fry


Everything you thought would matter about the draft will fizzle out...there comes a point where round and pick numbers go out the door and it's all up to you guys to work hard for what you want! Also if your man likes pb&j's he will soon hate them 😂

- Amanda Kopp


Embrace the unexpected! And if you’re an obsessive planner like me, learn how to be ok with not having a plan and learn how to go with the flow.

- Morgan Strauss


Enjoy and embrace every moment...even when there are ones that seem far from enjoyable. Tomorrow is never promised to continue from where you are today...stay humble. Say "hello", don't judge, and always remember where you came from and where you started. It will help keep you grounded as it's easy to get swept away in it all. Enjoy! Enjoy!! Enjoy!!! And take pictures everywhere you go!

- Jaime Cotts


It’s ok if you do, it’s ok if you don’t! There is no formula that will work for everyone in baseball. And depending on what girl you talk to and what season it’s a different perspective. Always keep an overnight bag packed and always be the one to reach out. ♥️

- Myla Rodriguez


Enjoy every second.

- Lauren Zagurski


I think when the long distance first kicks in you often lose sight that you and your partner are both on the same team. ❤️ You're supporting each other for something that could affect both of your lives in so many crazy and amazing ways! It's an adjustment but you have to learn not to dwell so much on 1 year from now, 2 years from now, 5 years from now. Enjoy the crazy ride in the moment. All the ups and downs will make your relationship so much stronger than you could ever imagine. 

- Maria


Don’t let your identity become baseball. It will end one day and you’ll have to find yourself all over again. Love the journey. Take the road trips. Sit through the double headers with rain delays. One day it will all be a fond memory.

- Stephanie Veal


Don’t stress too hard!! People are very friendly and accommodating once they know how hectic our lives are! Don’t be afraid to ask for help 😊 Don’t be afraid of distance, you can make it!💗

- Taylor Stashak


Whether you've been with your man 5 years or 5 months...know you are not alone! I'm so happy your journey is taking a huge step many beautiful things to come! Do not get down on yourself or feel your relationship and story isn't as "good" as the others you see in person and on social media. Every story, every love, every relationship and every journey is different and unique to that couple. Reach out to the girlfriends/wives you meet or follow on social media. They have been in your shoes...don't forget that! Welcome to the WAGS in Real Life family! There's nothing like it and no other place where you will find encouragement and support like you do here. 💖

- Darci Ann


Make every trip you possibly can! 💙

- Nikki Negrych



Make an effort to make friends with fellow WAGS on your team! You may all be from different areas and backgrounds, but they will quickly become your support system and some of your best friends in the world! We are the only people in the world who understand what each other is going through (like why I’m posting this at 3am because I’m 2 time zones away from my husband and I just wanted to tell him goodnight and can’t go back to sleep 😂)

- Jonie Woodruff


Welcome!! We are so happy to have you join our little community. No one will support you more or understand you better than all the amazing women in this group. Enjoy the ride!

- Tricia Ring


Be the one to say hello and ask questions. All of us have been there and everyone is awkward 😉Embrace the adventure and see change as an opportunity instead of an obstacle. Welcome to a wonderful sisterhood!

- Rene Taubensee


Buckle up and enjoy it and see the humor in it! The things that used to stress me out are now some of the funniest things to look back on. Not every day is fun or easy but it is worth it and I love this journey baseball and God have us on 🙌🏻

- Alex Eades


Welcome to the community! Always have wine and a book handy since you never know when a weather delay might come...Also don't be afraid to reach out to the WAG community. we are here to support each other through the stressful, hard, and unpredictable chaos!

- Carly Kolesar


Long distance is hard, but not the end of the world. (I promise I did 5 years of it!!) Make every trip you can to get out to wherever he is. I know your bank accounts will cry a little, but it’s worth every single penny!! 

If you’re traveling you will become a master packer in no time! Don’t be afraid to talk to the other girls. They will keep you sane while the boys are on the road. 

This is the ride of a lifetime. Enjoy every single second of it! We are all always here if you have any questions!!

- Caitlynn Mathisen


Start planning trips to see your guy NOW, plane tickets get expensive the closer you get to your travel date ✈️

- Sofia Perez


Book with Southwest as much as possible! You can cancel and rearrange flights for free...super super helpful when they get moved around all of a sudden.

- Danny


Enjoy every moment, travel often, be real, don't be scared, and have fun! Baseball life is a short season in your life, live it to the fullest! With love from a former WAG that misses it dearly and has so many fond memories and lifelong friends.

- Janice Wilson


Just be yourself! Easy to be caught up in trying to do everything perfectly. Don’t compare yourself or your life to others around you. And have fun!!!! EVEN when in the worst team hotel that you are sure Freddy Krueger is going to come out any minute! 😁

- Paige Murphy


Focus on your life and your relationship together. Just because baseball has become a huge part of your life doesn't mean it's the only part. Keep following your dreams. Remember that one day no matter if he is released, traded, retires, or signs a 10 year contract, eventually baseball will end. Being his number one fan does not mean that baseball has to consume who you are as a person.

- Madison Snyder


Brush comments off! A lot of people are gonna have a lot to say about your relationship and you as a person. But remembering the reason you are there in the first place makes everything seem so small in comparison. Not everyone from home will understand this lifestyle but there are hundreds of women here who do and we are all here to help each other out! Get ready to have a second family! And eat those stadium nachos deserve it!

- Melissa Nassauer


First of all, welcome! This is a journey millions of people envy (although most of us would laugh at this notion now 😂)! It’s not an easy one but it’s worth it. It’s worth it because you are supporting your love and his dreams. But know this, it’s just as much about you. He cannot do what he does without you, without your patience, without your belief in him, without your faith in a bigger purpose and without you dreaming WITH him, and especially without the grace that you absolutely MUST commit to giving without end.)

Create dreams together! Dream about what you both can do with this new life and the boundaries that will be expanded because of this new journey. There are lives all around that are waiting to be touched by BOTH OF YOU. 
Be partners through it all, the ups and the many downs that are yet to come. Commit to each other and to the unpredictable life you’ve both entered. It’s exciting, it’s scary, but it’s life changing for the better if you let it be. 

Lastly, embrace other wives and girlfriends. They will be your support when he’s on the road and you feel alone. They will be the shoulder to cry on, your dates to the countless events your man can’t go to, the person to drink wine out of solo cups with while waiting during the rain delay and the one that understands when no one else seems to. They will become your best friends and your lifeline at times. You will be tempted to feel resentment, trust me, we have ALL felt this but it will get you nowhere. Be aware of the temptation and find ways to stop it before it starts (cue the other WAGS that you can talk to, blow off steam with and then leave the resentment behind).

Get ready, because you’re in for an amazing and unique ride!!!

- Kelly Godwin


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