The Pros of Long Distance (Yes, they do exist)

The Pros of Long Distance (Yes, they do exist)

The cons of long distance usually take the spotlight and I'm sure you've all heard them or dealt with them before. But I'm here to share with you the PROS of long distance through my experience - and yes, they do exist.  


FaceTime Dates 

Honestly, how did long distance work before iPhones? I truly believe my fiancé and I have Apple to thank for the strong foundation in our relationship. It was built on hours and hours of FaceTime dates. I always joke that we get more quality time during the season than the off-season.

FaceTime encourages us to talk…and talk a lot. We talk about our day, our aspirations, we come up with funny inside jokes, and overall connect on a more intimate level than if we had plopped down next to each other after a long day.

Don’t get me wrong, I wish I could be sitting next to my beau every night, but when I can’t, FaceTime can and does suffice. 

*Pro-tip: Read a book together over Face-Time. I recommend The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman



Effort is Romantic

Long-distances requires both sides to make the effort, and that’s the beauty of it. You always know the other is in it just as much as you are. I feel so lucky every time I hear my fiancé say, “Nah, I'm going to stay in and talk to my girl.” It’s the little things!


Visits = Vacations

If you choose to stay home, I encourage you to make time for visits. Vacations are invaluable! If you're like me, you love to explore new places. I try to coincide my visits with a coveted Off Day.

Our favorite thing to do is find a “Little Wonder,” whether it's as big as Niagara Falls or as small as a Crepe Shoppe. We create little memories we can look back on when the distance gets tough. 

*Pro-tip: Keep a running list of the best Breakfast places. If it hasn’t yet, this will become your favorite meal during a visit. 


Teamwork is Key

As much as I love supporting my man and his dream, I've learned that I need something for myself too. For me, that something is my career.

We are not all fortunate enough to work remotely, so often having a career means staying home, and that's OK. Just because we are supporting his dream, doesn't mean we can't chase one too. I firmly believe whoever said, “You can't have your cake and eat it too,” never met a WAG.

I learned quickly from visits it wouldn't be healthy for our relationship if I did't pursue a purpose of my own. We all pray for a way to work our own careers into baseball. In the meantime, it's the best feeling to have someone support you as you support them.

Teamwork makes the dream work! 


Minutes Matter 

When you don’t spend every hour of every day together, the minutes you do get really are a gift. You learn to appreciate your partner.

I remember the first year my fiancé and I lived together, he always left his shoes in front of our bed. Drove me crazy! But when he left and the shoes weren’t there anymore, I missed them. I learned I would rather have the shoes in the walkway and him home than no shoes and no him.

Now when my man and I are in the same state, I (try) to treasure all of the little moments. What we magnify we will see. 



To travel or not to travel? There is never a right answer, only what is right for you right now. The answer may change from season to season. Even as I write this, I'm contemplating what my choice will be next year. Only you and your partner can make the decision that works best for you in this crazy life we call Baseball. 

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