WAGS LOVE Preemptive Love

WAGS LOVE Preemptive Love

I'm thrilled to announce our very first WAGS LOVE Partnership with Preemptive Love Coalition (PLC). I had the pleasure of traveling with some of the women who work for Preemptive Love to Israel-Palestine last year and was blown away by their stories and the incredible work they do. 

Jessica Courtney (pictured with me above) and her husband Jeremy moved to Iraq ten years ago, at the height of the Iraq war. (Raise your hand if you think that's ridiculously brave). When they started Preemptive Love Coalition, their focus was on providing life-saving heart surgeries for thousands of children and medical training for Iraqi doctors. 

Then, ISIS came. And everyone left. 

But Preemptive Love stayed.

These days, the PLC team literally goes where no one else will go. They are the first ones in after ISIS is driven out, so close to the front lines that gunfire is erupting only a few blocks away. 

You can hear the fighting in the background in this video. Why do we keep going to the front lines? Because the families here are trapped—they cannot leave. If we don’t show up for them, no one else will. 

Not only do they provide immediate relief like food, water, and medical care, but Preemptive Love also invests in the long term by training local doctors, rebuilding schools, and empowering refugees to start new businesses.

Refugees already have their own solution.
They just need help getting to it.
— Jessica Courtney

We often talk about our baseball community. It's a beautiful sisterhood, isn't it? What if we could expand our sisterhood by investing in women in war-torn places? It gives me the chills just to think about what we could do together. 

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So how can we help?

Over the month of February, the Preemptive Love team will be doing Instagram takeovers and weekly posts to give you more of an insight into what they do and give you an opportunity to ask questions. We will also be hearing from WAGS who already partner with PLC. What I want most of all is for us to pay attention, to listen and learn, to not turn away.

In the meantime, here are 3 practical options for getting involved and making a difference:

  1. Follow Preemptive Love Coalition on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  2. Buy from our LOVE Collection, and share it with your social networks (100% of the proceeds will go to PLC in the month of February).
  3. Build a relationship with the Sisterhood by becoming a monthly supporter to show them you believe in them as they rebuild their lives and futures.
Preemptive Love Coalition doesn’t believe violence gets the last word, Love does. Even in places like Iraq and Syria where bullets and bombs are still flying. Violence unmakes the world, and Preemptive Love has the power to remake the world. It’s a love that moves towards the other, and asks, “what do you need?” and then does it in order to write a new story between people and countries at odds.

They provide emergency relief and empowerment to those affected by conflict. Whether its hot food in Syria for families whose homes have been destroyed by violence, essential medical care or making their homes livable again. We believe in a love powerful enough to run towards instead of away from those hurting. Preemptive love has the power to unmake violence and help refugees reclaim their lives from the ashes of war.

One hot meal, one new family business, one rebuilt relationship at a time.

Let’s remake the world together. Join us.
WAGS Work: Chancelee Taylor

WAGS Work: Chancelee Taylor

Introducing the WAGS Love Partnership

Introducing the WAGS Love Partnership