WAGS in Real Life: Newbie Moments

WAGS in Real Life: Newbie Moments

There is a (ridiculous) [cue finger quotation marks] reality TV show, WAGS, (which I watched a total of five minutes once and turned it off) that documents the lives of wives and girlfriends of professional athletes.

When Matt was drafted, I read countless blogs of baseball wives who were stranded in a place because their husband was traded or called up. Said wife packed up, found new place in new town and moved within a matter of days. I started following WAGS in Real Life social media accounts that share funny and some horrible stories of what it is really like to be #WAGSinRealLife (despite what the TV might show).

It’s not that I didn’t believe those stories. I certainly understood the WAGS in real life long-distance dilemmas, FaceTime dates, and countdowns until the next visit. But I couldn’t relate to the WAGS life because I wasn’t traveling.

WELLLLL, now I have been for only a month, and let me tell you #WAGSinRealLife is alive and kicking with Jesica Beaty.

So much so I wanted to share my WAGS in Real Life moments with you so far.

** Matt and I made plans to stay in the team hotel. Within a few days of arriving in Arizona, we realized the hotel plan wasn’t going to work out. So began the search for an apartment that would allow only a one-month lease, was close to the field, and was reasonably priced. A search that needed to end with a signing of a lease within two days. (CHECK)

** After 15 unsuccessful calls, I talked with a lady who said they had baseball players already living there, understood the situation, and would love to have us. Only thing is they did not have furnished apartments. Cue signing the lease and going over to Aaron’s Rentals to pick out as little furniture as possible and asking for the quickest delivery time they had which was the next day (the day we were moving in). (PERFECT)

** Matt and I realized we had to go buy sheets, towels, and anything else just to get by for this month. We laughed thinking about all the nice and awesome wedding gifts sitting at my parents’ house…as we went to Goodwill. We bought a fitted sheet, comforter, blanket, two pillows, two towels, two hand towels, two plates, one pot, one pan, one cookie sheet and one bowl for $42!!! (SCORE)

** Matt and our apartment mate decided they just cannot live without a TV. So, we went to purchase a TV…that we will return at the end of spring training. The receipt for this TV is in the same place as our marriage certificate and other important documents. If I lose it, our marriage might end. (BUT SERIOUSLY)

** Besides eating all meals on the floor or standing up in fear of staining the rental couch, our apartment is livable with the $6 shower curtain and $10 Goodwill coffee table/TV stand which were purchased a few days after we thought we had everything taken care of.

Other newbie moments:

** Living off of two rolls of hotel toilet paper a lot longer than we probably should have. (SORRY TMI)

** Using grocery bags as a laundry basket and bathroom trash can.

** Having leftovers in the fridge and microwavable food in the cabinet with no microwave in the apartment. (I’VE NEVER MISSED HAVING A MICROWAVE SO MUCH.)

** Every time we get food, we take or ask for extra ketchup, utensils and napkins. We’re still using plates from team dinners at the hotel. (THAT’S IMPRESSIVE)

** This month has truly taught me what living out of a suitcase(s) mean. I only brought a few hangers which are for dresses and nice shirts. Every day involves digging through my suitcase to find a shirt I thought I brought only to find a shirt I didn’t know I brought that will work. (SORRY MOM)

** When Matt played in an away big league game a couple weeks ago, he couldn’t find the pass list until the very last minute. My name hadn’t been added at player will call yet when I got there, so the lady had to radio my name across the entire stadium which involved a five-minute worker radio conversation about Jesica Beaty with the Dodgers which resulted in me explaining to fans who overheard that my husband was just a minor leaguer. I’m not sure if this is a Minor Leaguer Problem or WAGS in Real Life. (BUT HALLELUJAH MY SEAT WAS IN THE SHADE.)

** Yesterday, March 24, I used a SOCK as an OVEN MITT to take my pop-tarts out of the oven.

This entire spring training has been us winging it, and I’m sure it will continue to be like that as long as I’m traveling and Matt’s in baseball. This week I attended a women’s spring training luncheon with many other WAGS who shared similar stories. The WAGS community is special, and I’m thankful to be a part of it and to meet other WAGS along the way. I’m learning to just trust God and have fun. Even through the WAGS in Real Life moments, this month has been one of my favorites. In a few days, we will leave Arizona for the season (which we will do a vlog and blog about soon). Bring it on.

Have you always liked baseball?

Have you always liked baseball?