Fashion Friday - Mommy & Me Style

Fashion Friday - Mommy & Me Style

Trendy looks for you and your Mini to sport all Summer long!

Having a daughter makes it so much fun to dress alike, and with Mommy and Me fashion being all the rage right now, I thought I’d share some easy summertime looks. 

So many stores, including Target, H&M and Old Navy, are making it super easy to twin your mini with trendy affordable matching styles. I’ve put together a few cute swim options that you and your little one can style at the pool. 



1 - Women’s Black Swimsuit

2 - Kids Black Swimsuit (More sizes available)


3 - Women’s Ruffle Swimsuit

4 - Kids Pink Ruffle Swimsuit

Sometimes matching my daughter is as simple as finding coordinating prints or styles of clothing with similar colors. Check out these fun coverups for you and your mini.



1 - Women’s Coverup

2 - Kids Coverup


3 - Women’s Coverup

4 - Kids Coverup

Now if I can offer one tip, it’s to make matching fun but functional. Sometimes clothes can be an awful fit or just obnoxious colors/prints. If it doesn’t fit right, it won’t look right. That’s always one thing I try to keep in mind when dressing us alike. Here are a few summer essentials that will help pull any outfits together for a coordinating look! 


1 - Women’s Hat

2 - Kids Hat

3 - Women’s Shoes

4 - Kids Shoes

5 - Women’s Sunglasses

6 - Kids Sunglasses

7 - Women’s Scrunchies

8 - Kids Scrunchies

9 - Women’s Beach Bag

10 - Kids Beach Bag

Hope you enjoyed all these Mommy and Me matching ideas! Feel free to follow me for additional mommy lifestyle and travel tips!   - Micaela

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