Gift Guide for HIM

Gift Guide for HIM

As the holidays quickly approach, we are all starting to feel the stress of travel plans, family reunions, and the constant question “What do you want?” being asked. Giving has always been my favorite time of the year. And to be honest, giving my man something he loves brings me most joy.

Take the stress off yourself to search for the best gift and let us help you. For all of the traveling athletes in our life, here is the perfect gift guide!

1. Head Down Eyes Up tee - This company was founded by Chase Rice who, prior to his music career, was a star football player at UNC. After a bad injury he could no longer compete. Instead of being mad at the situation he was in, he adopted the motto “Head down, Eyes up.” Such a great tee for our men to remind them that even when things aren’t how you want them, just keep your head down and your eyes up, locked on the goal.

2. Bose Noise-Canceling Wireless Headphones - This is at # 1 on my man’s wish list this year. Nice headphones are like gold to our men. The noise-cancelling feature is crazy, you literally won’t hear a thing. These are perfect for the 15-hour bus rides and getting focused in the locker room. They’re pretty durable as well so they can be used while lifting in the weight room.

3. ABC Joggers – ‘Anti-Ball Crushing’ Joggers…Yep you read that right. These are one of the top selling men’s pants at Lululemon right now. The material is ‘four-way stretch & sweat-wicking.’ These joggers don’t wrinkle easily, meaning they can shove them into their duffle bags and not look messy when they put them on later. They come in a eight colors and have pockets! My husband is currently on a 4-day wearing streak. 

4. External Battery – This is really a gift for us both. I can’t begin to count the amount of times my husband’s phone has died on a bus ride or while at the field. And let’s not pretend like that occurrence doesn’t drive us all crazy. When time is limited, I take all the talking time I can get. So invest in a good external battery for not only yourself, but also so your man can keep all his devices charged and ready for travel.

5. Steripod Toothbrush Cover – This is must-have toiletry item. You can easily throw a toothbrush in a bag or set it on the counter at the hotel without having to pick all the dust or dirt off before you go to brush. Help your man out and get this small and inexpensive pod to save him on his travels.

6. Portable Speaker- With over 30,000 reviews on amazon, this speaker lives up to the hype. The sound is loud enough to win the war of loudest speaker on the bus and the quality is shockingly amazing for the under $30 price tag. Your man, and his buddies, will appreciate this purchase while in the locker room or hotel. Plus, it’s waterproof in case any winning celebrations get a little out of hand.

7. Tommy John underwear – Here it is, I know what you’re thinking, “underwear for Christmas…how creative.” But this is like golden underwear. I have no clue what it’s made of, but it is the softest material and my husband swears it doesn’t ride up or even move from the leg. He wears it to work out in, and he wears it pretty much every day. They are well worth the price and as my husband says, “worth not having the struggle of pulling down your briefs in public.”

8. Hypervolt – This cordless massager is the real deal. It was featured in Men’s Journal, Oprah Magazine, Women’s Health, Runner's World, and GQ…and I see why. It quite literally massages and beats the soreness out of you. It accelerates warmup and recovery and improves range of motion. The Hypervolt is light enough for your man to take it with him on away trips and will save you endless hours of massaging out a sore spot on his back. 

9. Gaming Briefcase – This is my husband’s dream gift. Whether your man is a coach, in the bigs, or still trudging through the minors, I can assure you this will be a coveted item. The briefcase is compatible with all gaming systems and plugs into an outlet. The screen is built into the case and the system will stay secure below. It can easily be set on your man’s lap on the bus, a hotel dresser, or the locker room chair for continuous gaming all season long.

10. Hat Protector – Oh baseball men and their hats. I don’t know about you but my man treats his hats better than any other garment. This hat protector has a hard shell and can fit 1-5 hats depending on the size you purchase. I can promise you this will be an unexpected but heavily used gift! Instead of throwing hats in their bags, they can easily keep them in the case and toss the case right next to their cleats without worry.

11. 10 ft Phone Charging Cable – Simple but completely underestimated. Hotel room outlets are always in the worst spots and bus outlets are usually every other row. There is nothing more frustrating that having a short phone cord and awkwardly positioning your body to reach the phone-cable-outlet trio. This can be a great stocking stuffer or smaller gift for your man. He will appreciate it more than you know.

12. Stance Socks- I had never heard of these until a couple guys on my husband’s team started talking about them. They have quickly become a request from all the men in my life. They are super durable and haven’t formed any holes or snags like many Nike or Adidas socks. They also don’t get wet when sweating. They are perfect for running and training. They have many colors and styles to find what your man would like most too.

13. Herschel Back Pack- A great backpack is crucial to anyone who travels, so why not get one with a little style? This brand is high quality and holds up really great. They have different colors and styles, but a front pocket is always a winner for my husband. They can fit all their electronics and more in this style. 

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