WAGS Love Striking Out Poverty

WAGS Love Striking Out Poverty

Happy June! I'm excited to announce our LOVE partner for this month, Striking Out Poverty.

Striking Out Poverty is an innovative campaign connecting Major League Baseball players and fans to help end poverty around the world through Food for the Hungry (FH). They are focused on meeting the urgent needs of the poorest communities and seeing all people flourish!

Striking Out Poverty partners with athletes who are dedicating their stats to making a difference beyond the scoreboard this season. When an athlete joins Striking Out Poverty, every strikeout, hit, or stolen base can make an impact!

Food for the Hungry has a special place in my heart because our family sponsors two children through their sponsorship program. I was also able to travel to Ethiopia with FH a few years ago to learn more about what they do and meet one of our sponsored children. 

What I love about everything that Food for the Hungry does, is that they take a holistic approach, involving and uplifting the communities they serve. They never come in with a "savior complex" but instead listen and work with local leaders to find ways to make their communities self-suffient.

Depending on the situation, FH comes in with a goal to leave within 5-10 years. In fact, one of our sponsored children is in a community in the Phillipines that is "graduating" from the FH program this month. While it's hard for us to say goodbye, we are grateful that his village is now thriving! And it was beautiful to be able to go back on the FH website and choose a new child to sponsor. A new child we can write letters to and pray for and get to know.

Throughout the month of June, you will hear from baseball couples who are partnering with Striking Out Poverty. We will also take you along to a special event in Oakland at the end of the month. In the meantime, here are 3 practical options for getting involved and making a difference:

1. Visit Striking Out Poverty to learn more about who they are and what they do.

2. Buy from our LOVE Collection (100% of the profits this month will go to Striking Out Poverty) and share the links with your friends. We now have custom shirt and hat packages available too!

3. Follow Striking Out Poverty and Food for the Hungry on social media:

Twitter: @strikingoutpoverty & @food4thehungry

Instagram: @koutpoverty & @food4thehungry

Facebook: Striking Out Poverty & Food For The Hungry


As always, we encourage you to engage, learn, and ask questions. Thanks for being such a generous community!

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