Father's Day 2019 Gift Guide

Father's Day 2019 Gift Guide

It’s that time of year again. The time of year when you wrack your brain, post on all the Facebook WAG groups and search endlessly for what to get your man for Father’s Day. The guy who has everything, the guy who never tells you what he wants, or just goes and buys it without you having a chance to surprise him. We get it, so we pulled together a list of some great gift ideas for your baby daddy this year!

First up…

The ABC Jogger by Lululemon

These are always a bestseller for Lulu and a hit with the guys. Can’t go wrong with a comfy pair of sweats for him to wear on those grueling road trips.

Baseballism makes the smartest tees in the game. We’re huge fans and our guys are too.

Help your guy rep his hometown, favorite sports team, or current organization with these fun socks!

We know, we know. Underwear gifts are not the most amazing or original but we promise he won’t be upset to receive these ones. Super comfy (or so we hear) briefs from Tommy John that boast adjustment free wear. That has to be worth it, right? Oh, and they make women’s styles too so maybe grab yourself a few while you’re there. You deserve it!

A portable bluetooth speaker is a MUST for guys on the road. Whether they love listening to music or want to binge watch a show from their computer on an off day, a nice speaker can make all the difference.

This coffee mug is AMAZING for travel. You can literally snap the cap on and throw it in your bag. It keeps coffee hot and DOES NOT LEAK. My husband has used one for years, and it’s one of his very favorite things.

The cadillac of coolers, every guy wants one of these!


Say goodbye to stale hotel coffee with this portable mini espresso maker! Great for travel, but would also be nice in a (cough, cough) minor league clubhouse that might be lacking in amenities.

This book is an incredible story about a universal experience—pressure—and what happened when a person on the brink had to make a choice about who he was gonna be. (Plus, it’s Lory’s husband lol.)

Waterproof, Portable, and Rugged Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers with Loud Sound, 50hr Battery Life, Dry Storage + USB Charging, 100ft Bluetooth Range. Need we say more?

For the guy who loses his wedding ring again and again…Silicone wedding bands are perfect for athletes who take their ring on and off every day.

Guys need to take care of their skin too, and this kit is a great way to get them started.

What’s on your Father’s Day Gift List?

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