Back to Balance

Back to Balance

Back to B A L A N C E!  

& Football season, family time, home cooking, church, lazy days + Harry Potter marathons…  

This was such an eventful season!  AZ →WA →AR →CA →WA →AR →WA →AR →WA →IA →WA →IA  (yes, that’s for real + the travel to away-game cities )

Needless to say, this season brought many firsts, surprises + lessons for Tyler and me both. As we transition into the off-season and reflect on this season, we realized the most profound lesson for the two of us was the power + magic of support. I often find the focus of most baseball-related posts is on how much support the WAGS give their man, but I’d like to highlight the support I receive from my man during and after season. As many other WAGS have said before, this baseball life isn’t an easy one. You are in a committed relationship with not only your man, but baseball as well.  


Throughout the season, especially during a season like we had this year, it’s hard for me to always remember Tyler’s “why”. I become impatient and frustrated with always being alone, fear of the unknown, FaceTime “dates”, sharing Tyler with so many strangers, you ladies know what I’m talking about…That’s when Tyler reminds me why he is doing this—because this is his passion, and our success + future together is his passion. Then, he reminds me of my passion + work…Tyler and I have always had a similar vision of success, fueling one another by the other’s enthusiasm, diligence and dedication to our dreams + work.  

While Tyler works toward his dream of making it to the Bigs, I am working toward my dream of restoring and refining the well being of others through self-love, inner balance + strength. I target the “second brain” of the body—the gut—and coach others on how to utilize a natural, plant-based health system in order to reach balance once again. I help people fight + win against things like: hormone imbalance, IBS-C/IBS-D, thyroid/hyperthyroidism, psoriasis, PCOS, endometriosis, allergies, insomnia, insulin imbalance, eczema, mood swings, + more!  

Those types of symptoms, issues, and autoimmune diseases are connected to your gut health! So, my fellow WAGS, here are a few wellness tips for your physical and mental health:




Did you know mood disorders like anxiety, depression, or the painfully annoying “meh” mood often begins in your gut?

When you peel back the layers of depression and anxiety, which are clogged by stress, antibiotics, and other toxins, you find that depression can be caused by inflammation of the gut, which leads to inflammation of the brain! 90% of serotonin (our happy mood neurotransmitter) is made in the digestive tract. Even if you are eating organic, are an Ayurvedic queen, an avid cleanser of negative energy, or you are so deeply in tune with the Universe it’s unreal, you must address your gut health to improve your mental health.


TIP #1:

A happy gut = a happy brain = a better you. Balance your gut by adding healthy pre- and probiotic bacteria into your daily routine. Even better: make sure your pre- and probiotics are addressing inflammation. Heal your gut with nutrients! If you aren’t feeling the results you should be on your current regimen, reach out to me and we can discuss how to supplement these things for you!




Does anyone even “diet” anymore? I hate the D word. The same principles as above remain true—even your paleo, Keto, vegan, no carb, skinny cinnamon dolce-hold-the-whip-diets, will not work for you if your gut is imbalanced.  New research suggests the mix of microbes in our guts can either help — or hinder — weight-loss efforts. Studies show that your leaner, “fit” people typically have higher percentages of gut bacteria and therefore, more diverse gut microbes, compared to their overweight peers. When we eat, our bodies are not equipped with the proper enzymes to digest what we eat, thereby failing to extract all the nutrients from our food.  


TIP #2:

Alongside adding pre and probiotics into your daily routine, make sure to add exercise into your “must-do’s” for the day. Yoga, swimming, running, hiking, rollerblading, sprints, anything that gets you moving, and your microbes will thank you. 


My work has taken me to many places + introduced me to hundreds of equally passionate + fearless entrepreneurs. I’ve been able to cultivate enduring, loving friendships and flourishing business relationships because of my business. We have one life, one body, and one garden to groom + grow. I am passionate about bringing abundance and fulfillment to other’s lives. My goal is to restore balance in my client’s lives + grow with my clients, as we learn about the fragility and connectivity of our bodies.  

Tyler has always been so good about supporting my dreams + work. He and I are each other’s biggest fans, business partners, secretaries, personal assistants, + more. Without Tyler’s support + my balancing health system, I am certain I would not be able to endure + conquer baseball-related challenges + life’s surprises, with such ease and grace. 


You can find me on Instagram @zoe_berg.  Message me on IG, Facebook, or at if you have any questions, or are interested in working with me! (:  Let’s get you back to balance!

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